The Banosuit in all its glory

The Banosuit is a marvel of technology created by Evil Monkey for Evil Monkey.(Employees).It utilises Banotechnology to activate thousands of mechanical cells at once to overcharge or power up certain suit capabilities.It has an advanced HUD display on the visor which measures moral,current weapon and reserve ammo of both you and opponents.It has micro fibres to temporarily close up wounds to allow for maximum pain threshold.It has internal smartweave to protcect the wearer from blunt trauma.It can turn into a suitcase for easy travel.


Maximum defence:Ups shields and increases strength of the armour itself.

Cloak:Utilises thousands of mini cameras to project the surroundings onto the suit,rendering the wearer virtually invisible

Maximum strength:Increases strength of blows with fists,Guns and Knives.

Maximum speed:Allows the user to run at phenomnal speeds effortlessly,allowing you to outrun anthing.