Personality and Background/StoryEdit

Nathan's full name is Nathan Valentine Daft. He is quite an average worker of Evil money games and likes to party with his friends Connor and Josh, having long gaming sessions, fueled by mountain dew and Tower Boy's pizza. He is 29, turning 30 and like the others, works for Evil Monkey games. He is quick with his reflexes, dedicated and good with technology. He spends half his time in front of a computer with Josh in Crytek Head Quarters and the other half with Connor, out in the field denialating zombies with the Banosuit. The first thing he saw when he was born was a screen from a PSP that was held by his dad, who wanted him to be a gamer. He was affiliated in E3 because he helped take down the zombies with a crowbar he found in the Janitor's room.
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Nathan, as seen in Africa.

Nathan Valantine Daft was ordered to kill Zakhaev with his friends help. There, he was introduced with the Banosuit.

Battlefield: Back to BarklandEdit

Nathan was part of an operation named Battlefield: Back to Barkland. He was ordered to kill the zombified lumerjacks who threatened to destroy Nathan with their heavy axes and loud chainsaws. He managed to defeat them with the help of Connor's weaponary and Josh's air support (the jets that Josh controlled were from a computer back from Crytek Head Quarters).

When the three finished the mission, they were granted a higher rank and upgraded Banouits.

Nathan, as seen in Barkland.