Josh, as he is seen in Los Angeles

Fullname: Joshua Matthew Tong

Affiliations: Evil Monkey Games.

Age: 28

Personality: Intelligent, slightly badass, computer geek


Josh grew up in the rich suburbs of Sydney where he lived a privilege life. He studied hard at school and in return received games to play. He first received a Gameboy and absolutely cherished it. At school he was taught of the ways of the badass. In his teen years he began to play more mature games and as he got a degree in computer programming from The University of Sydney. He lived a quiet life after moving to Frankfurt to join the Crytek team, there he learnt how to speak German and French. Josh noticed quite an increase in his gun skills and decided to leave the Crytek team. He then decided to join Evil Monkey Games with his friends Nathan and Connor.

Battlefield E3Edit

Josh in Paris

Josh, as he is seen in Paris

Together with Nathan and Connor he participated in the debut presentation with Connor and Nathan. But as he was about to come on stage one of the reporters was infected. Connor and Nathan immediately rushed to help but were ambushed by more zombies.

Josh quickly grabbed the phone and called the police. The police immediately began talking to him in French, he was confused but managed to talk to them in French. He rushed out of the expo building with Connor and Nathan grabbing three Bano suits, they were not ready for what they were about to see. Outside about a hundred French police and French Heavy Police. Josh did not have a Bano suit and was eating a sandwich during this period as well. Connor and Nathan held them off with their Bano suits and immediately destroyed the enemy. He then found out Zakhaev was behind all this.

The heroes pursued Zakhaev to Los Angeles and found it empty. They battled many zombies and police and finally managed to kill his double. Continuing the chase they ended up in London and found Zakhaev's base. During this time Josh hacked into the computer systems and shut down all communications and electricity. Nathan and Connor stormed the building killing all, then Josh smashed through a window (where he was severly injured and could not continue). Connor then killed Zakhaev and found out that Zakhaev had killed the French Prime Minister in Paris.

Note: Josh was taken to hospital and was treated for severe cuts. Since he has never smashed through a window in a military operation to seem awesome.

Battlefield: Back to BarklandEdit

Josh in Barkland

Josh, as he is seen in Barkland