Connor,as he is seen at E3 in Paris


Full Name:Connor Jackson Stavden

Affilations:Network of Child Warfare(NCW),Evil Monkey games.


Personality:Sarcastic,Humourous,But serious when need be.


Connor child

Connor as a child soldier

Connor was born in wartorn Australia in 2001.He was sent to be a soldier from the age of six where he discovered the convenience of DS, sneaking in a game or two a day.He then discovered PSP, a handheld playstation.Eventually he got his hands on a 360 GB Computer and played many games.When the war was finally over,he got a job designing games at DICE then Bethesda,where he learned many valuable skills.He then went on to create his own studio with his friends Nathan and Josh.

Casua connor

Connor as he is seen in LA

Battlefield E3

In his debut E3 presentation one of the reporters transformed into an infected being commonly known as a zombie by spilling gas,effectivly turning the entire audience into zombies and ruining connors day.He then found out along with fellow developer Josh that they were in Paris,and were pursued by french police and their ruthless leader Zakhaev,Where they ended up in LA.they then managed to kill the body double of Zakhaev and pursued him to london
Connor london

Connor,as he is seen in London

.After a fierce chase,they managed to catch the second in command of the french police,Lauren.She revealed his location and was then impaled on a tree trunk by Connor.After storming the base of Zakhaev,They interrogated him to find out why he started the outbreak and why he killed the French Prime Minister. He simply replied,"Power you fools! They used to call me Lone Wolf,Remember me."After then subsequently grabbing connors gun and shooting himself.

Battlefield E3:Bak to BarklandEdit

In Battlefield E3,He,along with Josh and Nathan,Fought against a rogue faction called The Lumberjacks,who were cutting down trees that when they were cut down,A gas was released that turned people into zombies.The Lumberjacks managed to capture and torture him,but he escaped and he killed the Lumberjacks who had captured him.After him and Josh killed every Lumberjack and met up with Nathan,Who had destroyed the Flamethrower gas station alone.They found the leader of the Lumberjacks who was apparently working for Zekvakorev,The son of Zakhaev.He then was executed by Josh and Nathan at the same time.

Connor BTB

Connor,as he is seen in back to Barkland